Monday 25 November 2013

My First Review. . .

Hi everyone, today I thought definitely review for you.  Now I know there are absolutely loads of reviews around about this items already and most of you probably already own one, BUT I happen to think you can never read too many reviews if you're looking into getting a certain item or product and also, hopefully, you just might like to hear my thoughts about it too!
So (get on with it Dani)!  The Tangle Teazer hairbrush. . . !

I got mine for my birthday last February, I really wanted one for one of my gifts because I'd heard a lot about them and I was desperate to give it a try to see if it could tame my wild, always-full-of-knots-and-static, tresses!  And thankfully (the majority of the time), it well and truly does not disappoint!
Now I say the majority of the time because especially when I had longer hair, I found that the brush didn't quite get through the heavy thickness of my hair and I found that I needed to use my other regular hairbrush with its slightly longer bristles first, to get the main knots out and then I could go over with the Tangle Teazer to really smooth everything out and finish off.  But now my hair is shorter, the brush is a dream to use and I love the way it makes my hair feel extra soft after just a few minutes of using it and with very little effort.  It was £10.99 when I bought it with my birthday money from Boots (though if I remember rightly I think I used a 10% off voucher to help buy it at the time).

Tangle Teezer Purple Glitter

The teeth on the brush are very gentle and glide through my hair, never snagging or pulling (I just hate it when that happens!)  I would also say, it is absolutely amazing on just washed damp hair!
So all in all, I would most definitely recommend it :-)

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