Thursday 24 May 2018

A Fun Day at Wales Comic Con April 2018

Hi everyone, first off, this post was originally due to go up over about 2-3 weeks ago but I have just moved house this week and everything is chaos, so even though it's a little late, here's my post, hope you enjoy it!

A couple of weekends ago (on the 21st of April) I went to Wales Comic Con, it was my fourth time going to this convention in the past three years, and it certainly won't be the last!  I can easily remember the very first convention I went to back in 2016, it was most definitely a 'new experience', there was so much to see and it was a very unique event to suddenly be involved in.  But now after 6 different conventions, 15 photo ops (not many I know compared to some but well, they ain't cheap you know!), 16 autographs and meeting over 20 celebrity guests - Walking past a cartoon character, a guy dressed as a Disney princess or spotting an exact look-alike of Negan from The Walking Dead and chatting to actors like you've known them for years, just feels completely normal really!

Going to conventions is honestly one of my absolute most favourite things to do.  It's definitely not a cheap hobby and I've found myself constantly saving all year round for one con then another.  I have another three planned at the moment that I'm currently saving for, it never really stops.  And that's just the ones I go to, there's so many others going on and some that I would so desperately love to go to, the Walker Stalker convention in Atlanta!!!  Oh my goodness, talk about a life-goal!  That one is so high on my bucket list but sadly I think a good sized lottory win is the only way I'm ever going to be able to afford to get there.  Oh well, one day!

At least I am lucky enough to have a great convention practically on my doorstep twice a year, where loads of cool guests come to my home town and so do many of my online friends too, this last comic con was no exception.  Sadly I was quite disappointed that 3 of the Walking Dead actors, that I was planning to meet cancelled but I did get to see several of my Walker Stalker friends which was so lovely.  We rarely get to meet up what with living all over the UK but of course that's just another added bonus to going to conventions!

And I did get to meet two other guests that I have been dying to talk to, 'Buffy' actress Juliet Landau who played slightly crazy vampire Drusilla, who was absolutely lovely and Rupert Giles himself, Anthony Stewart Head!!  I was in awe!

I also had a photo op with Juliet, I got there a little late and was told she had just finished doing the photos and had gone back to the autograph room, but one of the members of staff who was really helpful, told me to wait in the photo area.  He came back a couple of minutes later with Juliet for my photo, it made my day, it was SO lovely of her to agree to come back just to do one more photo! :-D  I thanked her many times when I got to meet her later in the afternoon, as well as give her a necklace that I had made especially for her.  Thankfully she loved it, so much so, she took a photo of us together while she held the necklace, for her 'fan book'.  Another awe-inspiring moment!!

The rest of my day was spent catching up with my lovely friends, seeing all the amazing cosplayers and having a good look at all the merch stalls.  And yes, I had a very naughty spend but I am so chuffed with everything I bought, especially my Daryl Dixon cushion, oh my!!!  I will most certainly enjoy keeping that on my bed and giving it a good squeeze every night.  If only it were the real thing!! ;-)  (And believe me when I say he is a very lovely hugger, I know, I've had the pleasure 5 times now!)
All in all, I had a really fun day and I'm already looking forward to the next one in December, just keeping my fingers crossed for more TWD guests!

I hope you liked this post.  If you would like to see what I got up to on the day, I've uploaded a little video of all the photos I took at the convention, which you can find here.  Please give it a thumbs up if you like it, it would make me happy :-)

Let me know in the comments if you've ever been to a convention, did you like it, who did you meet?  Are you a con-newbie and need some tips?  Let me know and I will do a post about it :-)  Until Next Time Stay Happy

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