Thursday 19 January 2017

What I Got Your Christmas 2016

Hi everyone, firstly I know this is going up stupidly late and Christmas is now almost a distant memory but I still really wanted to upload this post, the main reason I didn't upload it before is because I ended up having an unplanned break from blogging, mostly because I've been ill and also because a gift from one of my friends had not arrived until this week and I really wanted to include it in this post!

So, after all that, here is what I got for Christmas.  As usual I am showing you all these bits because I am very happy and grateful to have received them and I just want to share my gifts with my readers, I am in no way bragging or anything like that.  Disclaimer done!

First off I got this lovely Tatty Teddy calendar.  I always have either one of these or a Boofle one like last year and I write on them every single day what I've done that day.

I'm not a fussy-nail-girl, I'm not honestly bothered about painting them or anything like that, but I do love my nails smooth and nicely shaped, so I'm longing to try this out and I think it'll save me a lot of time.

I was really happy with these two beautiful necklaces, the heart locket is so pretty and delicate and I think the hedgehog necklace is sooo cute.  I saw it in Asda a couple of weeks before Christmas and fell in love with it but when I went in the week after, they had all sold out, so I was very excited to receive it :-)  Also it means a lot to me because it reminds me of our dear little rescue hedgehog Wilf, that passed away in September last year.

These cosy pajamas are so incredibly soft and I just love the long sleeve top, I think I'm going to be wearing these a lot!

This is one of the gifts I actually asked for.  As many of you know I love baking and I've already tried out a couple of Tanya recipes, so I'm really looking forward to having a proper look through this and (hopefully) coming up with some new tasty treats!

I have plans for this one, I was so happy to receive it and I know exactly where it's going to go in my room, I'm longing to get it set up.  I just love these shaped lights, I think they're so decorative and make little corners of your room very 'instagram-worthy' :-)

This was the only other item I asked for.  I've really got interested in scrapbooking and journaling lately, I love to do crafting anyway as you know and I've noticed these planners getting very popular lately, so there's tones of inspiration online.  I love all the bits that go with these planners too, like the sticker sheets and pretty patterned papers and I'm looking forward to setting some time aside to start decorating and using my lovely new planner.  I already have a theme in mind and a particular use for it.  And once I have finished and decorated it, I will do a post all about it to show you.

How cute are these!!  And perfect for this cold weather we're still having.  They're super soft and really comfy too, I love the little faces!

I also love this adorable teddy, as you might remember from my last couple of Christmas gift posts, I'm always given a teddy bear every single year, it's become a long standing tradition since I was about 3 years old.  So this little one is this years teddy :-)

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without having a ton of chocolate!  I had some lovely bits including this adorable little handmade sweet shop, that my best friend made for me.  She made the box and added these pretty little glass jars filled with different chocolates, which was a really, really lovely and thoughtful idea!

I also received these bits from friends.  I just love the Zoella items (the key chain already has pride of place on my favourite bag) and the necklace is really beautiful.  The book with the teddy on is actually a fold out photo album which can be stood up too and the little teddy pictures are really cute.

This is the gift I was waiting for before I uploaded this post.  Not the best photos of it, sorry about that, I wanted to photograph it as soon as I got it home.  I am so, so happy with it!  Again as you know, big TWD/Daryl Dixon fan, so I was thrilled when I open the package.  I love the big wings on the back and I'm really excited to wear it in a couple of months time!! (More on that soon...)

Finally, there is this gift that I received, this was something that I've been desperately wanting for quite a long time, it's part paid for by me and part given as a gift, which I am so grateful for.  As I mentioned in my Life Lately post, I have been wanting to start doing youtube videos for a couple of years now but just haven't had the confidence 
to start doing it (among other reasons) but a couple of months ago, I decided I was finally ready to make a start, so all through December I started vlogging, just on my phone to get me used to filming, editing and so on but I still desperately wanted a good camera to both vlog with and record proper 'main-channel' videos with.  So I researched and researched and found this one.

I just love that it has a flip up screen, it's a lovely sleek white colour and feels really nice to hold.  I've heard many good things about it; I'm told it's very easy to use, very reliable, great focus and ideal for filming because of the interchangeable lens and great audio.  I also recently bought a nice little tripod and a couple of extra sd cards, so no excuses now!  I am waiting a little longer for something bigger that's going to be happening during the follow months, but once that's happened (can't say what right now), I will be up and running and filming properly.  I can't wait!

I'm also going to be uploading an unboxing video for you to see in the next week or so, as I've literally just got the camera out the box yesterday just to take pictures for this post.  So I need to finish filming and editing that over the next week and I will let you guys know on my social media when it's up.

As always, I hope you liked this post, please leave me a comment and let me know what your best or favourite gift was that you received this Christmas :-)

Until Next Time Stay Happy

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