Wednesday 25 May 2016

Brushegg Review

Hi everyone, a short while ago I spotted this little brush cleaning tool on ebay and for only 99p I thought It'd be worth giving it a try.

I really needed to give my brushes a good clean yesterday and thought it was about time I finally try out my new tool.

The 'Brushegg' has a patch of little raised spots at the tip and raised lines over the rest of the egg.  It also has a hole at one end to fit your fingers in to hold it when in use.

I first tried washing my larger brushes, but even though I used a good amount of shampoo and tried to get it all over the head of the brushes, I felt it didn't really get down deep enough and didn't get them anywhere near as clean as when I rub the brushes on my fingers, and so I ended up doing just that anyway!

I then tried it again for my smaller brushes and it was definitely better, especially using the raised spot area, that was great!

But the best use I found for the Brushegg, was for rinsing the brushes, it was really easy.  I just swiped the bristles over the textured surface several times while holding the egg under the warm running water and it rinsed them really well.  So I will most definitely use it again for that.

I hope you liked my quick little review of this product, it was not sponsored or anything liked that, I just bought it myself and thought I'd let you know if I liked it :-)  Have you used one of these before, did you like it and find it worked or was it a waste of money?  Let me know in the comments.

Until Next Time Stay Happy
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