Thursday 11 June 2015

15 of My Favourite Feelings Tag

Hi everyone, hope you're all having a great week.  So finally there's a new tag going around, yeay :-)  Well it may not be that new but I honestly haven't seen it done before, until I saw it last week on Essie Buttons video, I thought it was a fun idea and just wanted to give it a go.  So here's my 15 favourite feelings, I hope you like it :-)

1. One feeling I love so, so much is the happiness I feel from my beautiful Poodle babies, they mean the world to me, the love and affection they give me back is priceless and the way they greet me every morning is just wonderful, it fills my heart with joy.  I love it when they wag their tails when I smile at them and playing with them is so much fun.  They make me laugh and smile on days when nothing else does!  I could go on and on :-)

2. I love feeling the warm sun on my face, as soon as it starts getting better weather I just long to be outside and could spend all day out there.

I love going to my local park and just sitting by the water soaking up the vitamin D and enjoying the gorgeous warmth of the sun.

3. Having a hot shower is sooo nice, I enjoy the feeling of washing my face and just the fresh, clean feeling of it all.

4. I also like putting my fluffy white bathrobe on after my shower, it just feels so soft and cosy, I love that feeling.

5. Who doesn't love the feeling of snuggling down in bed when you've just changed the sheets?!  I'm all about the comfort :-)

6. Taking off the bra, ooh the relief!

7. I'm a total water baby and just love being in water.  I'm not a good swimmer at all but I just so enjoy messing around and just relaxing in the warm water and being surrounded by it, hmm lovely!

8. There's really not much I enjoy more, than meeting up with my friends, having a good gossip, a laugh and putting the world to rights, they're amazing :-)

9. And while I'm out gossiping with my best friends, I still love having the Costa hot chocolates, despite the fact that it is no longer winter it's still very cold here in the uk, and I don't care; I love them, they're hot and tasty and chocolatey, just gorgeous and sitting there having my yummy hot chocolate laughing with my friends, makes me feel very happy :-)

10. It feels so nice, so exciting wearing an eyeshadow from a brand new palette I've just saved up for or a new lipstick shade I've been longing to try out.  I think most of us at least, can relate to that feeling makeup gives you, empowered, confident, happy.  I really enjoy putting it on (especially on days when my eyeliner decides to cooperate!) It's just such a great feeling.

11. On days when I'm not feeling my best and life is getting me down, youtube, or at least certain people on it, always seem to make me feel better and I just so enjoy watching certain types of videos that make me laugh or that can just generally make me smile and forget about the days troubles, it makes me feel so much more relaxed and when I'm having a hectic or stressful days, that's a very welcome feeling.

12. There's nothing like the feeling of hugging my best friend a loved one, feeling comforted and loved.  There's one certain person in my life that means the world to me and to hug them, is the most wonderful feeling.  I can also still remember how it felt to hug my granddad, he passed away quite a few years ago and he meant so much to me, having the memory of hugging him means so much, a precious feeling!

13. Kissing, hmmm!  Need I say more ;-)

14. If you've read some of my previous posts, you will know how much I love music and what it means to me.  Hearing one of my favourite songs, listening to my favourite band or listening to one of my old 90's favourites, it all just makes me feel amazing, so alive and energized, it's a very powerful feeling!  One of my favourite songs was playing in a shop the other day as I walked in and as I suddenly heard it, I couldn't stop smiling lol I must've looked silly but it just made me feel really good :-)

15. That feeling as you finish a post and hit the publish/upload button, a sense of real achievement, knowing I've worked hard on a post and being happy enough with it to upload it for the world to see.  That definitely makes me feel happy!

Just because :-)

Let me know what your 15 favourites feelings are in the comments, or even if you can just think of a few, I'd love to hear them :-)
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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