Thursday 27 November 2014

When Words Fail, Music Speaks!

Hi everyone, today I want to write about something that I am so completely and utterly passionate about, aside from loving makeup and crafts and Poodles, my real true passion in life, is music.

Music calms me, energizes me, it fills me with passion, hope and energy, it makes me feel truly alive!  I listen to a certain few songs and I feel like I could have enough energy to run a marathon, well in my head any way!
The title of this post "When Words Fail, Music Speaks", is my most favourite quote and means so much to me, because music is the one thing that's always been there when I've felt at my worst, my best, my happiest and my lowest.  It's everything to me and it's the one thing that I can rely on to make me feel better when nothing else can.  There have been a few songs along the way, that have so much emotional attachment and so many sad memories with them that sadly, I don't feel I can listen to them anymore but there are others that make me feel more confident, more energized and more stronger than anything else can!

I also love to sing, I've been singing for many, many years and it's a total release for me, it's a way to expel my pent up energy and I feel a real power in it.  I'm not saying I'm any good, I don't really know, I've never really been brave enough to sing in front of anyone, well not for a long time anyway but I feel I can do it and that gives me confidence too.

That said, everyone has their own favourite style of music that they love, whether it be chart or country, dance or HipHop, Jazz or rock.  And everyone has their favourite groups, singers and bands that they love to listen to the most, one that means so much to them and nothing else comes close. . . For me, my most favourite band in the whole world is Linkin Park :-D  I could quite happily listen to them all day, every single day, for the rest of my life and never get bored!  I have been a fan of their music for over 13 years, since I first heard their amazing track Crawling, just after it was released back in March 2001, only their second single.  I can still remember sitting in front of the TV watching Kerrang music channel and it came on the screen.  I'd never heard anything like it before and I was totally mesmerized and completely hooked from then on!

And so, last Saturday night I was extremely lucky enough to see them in concert at the Phones 4U arena in Manchester, along with hundreds of other LP fans, and I had the most amazing time.  I love seeing live bands and I have seen the old few, but nothing, absolutely nothing can compare to seeing your most favourite band performing live on stage, nothing comes close!  Just the thrill of being there, the over-whelming size of the place, the smell of dry ice, and the incredible feel of anticipation coming from every single person in there, all waiting eagerly to see this phenomenal band play live.

As the lights went down, the crowd went crazy and the first notes of Guilty All The Same started to play, I couldn't contain my excitement and not only sang every word to every song they played but I couldn't help smiling like a Cheshire cat all the way through too!

The music was very loud, my view was amazing and thankfully I was even able to video the whole thing to be able to watch over and over again whenever I want too.  But best of all Linkin Park were absolutely incredible, they certainly know how to put on a show!  This was my third time of seeing them, but even thought I'd had to wait 6 years to see them this time, it was totally worth the wait and I just really hope they tour here again soon!  In the meantime, thank goodness for YouTube and my mp3 player!

What I wore:  About a year ago, I went in for a Linkin Park competition to design a T'shirt with the theme of one of their tracks Castle of Glass.  I worked really hard on it and had it all ready, but on the day of the deadline, I was ill and couldn't send in my design.  I was so upset that I missed it but I was determined to at least get the T'shirt printed so I could wear it, and once I heard about the concert back in July, I thought great I will wear my T'shirt.  So I found a great little T'shirt printers near where I live and they did a really great job.  I loved wearing it to the concert, as it made the event even more special, wearing my own design to support the band I love :-)  I teamed it with a basic white long-sleeve T'shirt and my favourite jeans and boots, I wanted to be comfortable as I knew it would get quite hot in the arena.

Just another little note, for anyone who's interested, I have uploaded the videos that I took of the concert on my YouTube channel, click here to see them.  It's the first thing I've ever tried to upload to YouTube and so far I'm quite amazed at just how long it's taking.  There's also a link to it on my Twitter page, DaniJ72.
As it was filmed on my mobile, the picture quality is not the best but the sound is pretty good.  It's also uploaded in a 3 separate videos, as it was obviously quite a long concert but they are now in a playlist.  I hope you enjoy it, if you did please leave me some comments on my channel, thank you :-)

What is your favourite type of music, who do you listen to constantly, do you like Linkin Park?  Let me know in the comments below.
Until Next Time, Stay happy
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