Sunday 9 November 2014

Time For Some Changes

Now I've had my blog for one full year, I've decided it's time to make a few small changes and adjustments.

The first thing, will be purchasing my blog domain name.  I'm quite excited about this one, I've heard a lot about how it can make you blog appear more professional, so I decided about a month ago to take the plunge after my one year anniversary.  I've looked in to it quite a bit and there are many different websites to choose from, but I decided to choose Go Daddy as that seems very inexpensive and quite popular with many bloggers.  So as of next week, my new blog name address will be simply and even if you click on an older link of mine through Twitter, instagram or any of my other social websites, I'm assured it will still bring you to my blog :-)

The second change you will notice in the next couple of weeks will be these lovely little social media buttons, that I got from Every Little Polish blog, that I will put near the top of my blog in the sidebar, rather than all the various individual links.  I think it makes a blog page look far nicer, tidier and gives an all round better appearance.  I really like these ones, I love the colours and I think they suit the look of my blog just perfectly. . .
 I just need to figure out how to add them in now :-)


And finally, I come to my main change; for quite a while now I have been doing 2 posts a week, Wednesdays and Sundays (generally) and I've really enjoyed doing it but lately I've found myself struggling.  I know to many of you this may seem ridiculous, because many of you do great posts every day.  But for me, I've found that with my lifestyle, health issues and various other commitments, that it's started taking a toll.
90% of my thoughts are blog related, so is most of my time.  It's gone from being a part time enjoyable hobby that helped me think more positively, to take my mind off various problems and give me something good to focus on, to being a full time, stressful worry - will I get this post up in time, no! I'm letting my viewers down, I'm not concentrating on other areas of my life etc!  I don't find blogging as fulfilling and enjoyable as I did and I feel my posts content and quality have suffered because of this.  Instead of being fun, it's now a chore and I'm spending more time worrying about blogging, than actually living my life and doing things to blog about!

So, to get back in control of things, I'm going to just be posting on Wednesdays.  I may go back to doing Sundays or another day at some point but for now, I know I will feel a lot happier and content, getting back to doing better posts in a time scale that I can fit in with my lifestyle, rather than having to try and fit my life around my blog!

Thank you all so much for your continued support and please don't forget to enter yourselves in to my Surprise Box of Beauty Favourites giveaway, which ends on November the 26th!
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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