Tuesday 6 May 2014

Spring Favorites

Hi everyone, as you may have noticed I don't like to do 'Monthly Favorites', the fact is I just don't buy enough products each month to warrant doing them, so for me I think it's a better idea to do seasonal favorites!  You may recall my Winter Favorites post back in February; you can find that 'here' :-)

So to start off with I have to mention how much I've been enjoying the warmer weather!  Finally I can go outside without having to wrap up like the Michelin Man, no gloves, no scarf and I've even dug out my favorite springtime grey army jacket :-)

Of course this time of year also brings out wonderful things in nature that I've been lucky enough to see a lot the past few weeks;

Daffodils absolutely everywhere!

Beautiful blossom

Baby bunnies

And adorable little lambs

Including our very own dear little adopted hedgehog Wilf, who's now come out of hibernation and is looking forward to making the entire garden his home, once we've finished getting it all 'hedgehog friendly'.  Making sure there's no gaps in the fences for him to squeeze through and covering the pond with mesh to make sure he can't fall in, with his poor damaged back leg he wouldn't be able to swim or get back out again!

Next on to my other favorites for this season so far

I have been using this concealer every single time I do my makeup and it's very quickly become one of my staple items.  I'm just so glad I gave it a second chance.  As I explained in my 'Whats in My Makeup Bag' post, I originally bought this last year sometime but I was unhappy with the shade, it was far too dark for me and there were no other shades available at the time, also the smell was just disgusting and put me right off!  But I thought no I'll give it one more try, especially as Boots are now offering more colours, it was a lot easier to pick one that suited me better and boy was I pleased I did! :-)

I first got this lipgloss in 'Smile' with a No7 free gift pack in Boots back in August and to be honest I wasn't that impressed but as usual I thought I'll give it another go.  I have been using it mainly with my Rimmel Color Rush lip balm in 'Not an Illusion', which is a gorgeous every day colour and with the No7 gloss over the top, well I just love it.  I do sometimes even use the gloss on it's own as it is reasonably pigmented and just gives a nice very subtle look.

The next item is this Garnier Simply Essentials 2 in 1 makeup remover.  Now I've been using this for quite a while and it never fails to amaze me and do a very thorough job.  You all know how I love my waterproof mascara's, I wear them every single time I go out and they really do stay put through anything BUT, they are a total nightmare to remove, especially if you don't want to have to scrub your eyelashes off and be left with very soar eyes!!  This is the problem I've always had and I've tried so many different makeup removers and wipes and lotions, nothing seems to do a good job and feel gentle on my skin.  This does!  You literally only have to wipe across your eyes and the makeup comes off, I gently rub my eyelashes for a few seconds and they're clean and makeup free, and it leaves my skin feeling soothed and clean.  We all know when it says 'no purfume' there still always is but thankfully it's not an awful strong scent either and within a few minutes the smell is gone.  I always use this along with the oval cotton wool pads you can get cheaply from anywhere and it just works a treat! I do need to pick up another bottle though as this one is definitely not going to last me much longer :-)

And of course spring also brings one other lovely thing, chocolate!

Who doesn't love an Easter egg lol  I got given these from my lovely man and my family, yum! :-)

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  1. mmm that chocolate looks soo good! :)


  2. Lol it does doesn't it, thank you :-)


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