Friday 30 May 2014

Arbonne Mini Make Up Review and Discount

I was recently and very kindly sent some samples of makeup by Yvonne McAuley at Arbonne Internation, which consisted of a Makeup Primer, the Perfecting Liquid Foundation (in a range of shades to try out) and a Lip Polish in the shade Pearl.  I was very excited to try these out and have been looking forward to letting you all know what I think of them.  So, below are my thoughts, findings and general opinion along with a few awkward selfies to show you how the items looked in use lol :-)

The Primer:

It comes out as an almost clear gel that is so light to the touch you can barely feel it and as I applied it to my skin, it felt almost like air.  It went on very smoothly and sank in to my skin within seconds leaving a velvety smooth finish!  I wanted to try out the effectiveness of the primer with the foundation, so I only used the primer on the left side of my face!  Once I had the foundation on as well, you could easily see the difference between the two sides, as the side with the primer looked completely smooth and flawless, not a pore in site!  One of things I also notice straight away was the pleasing lack of sickly or chemical scent, there was no real smell at all which is great for me as I just hate heavily scented products, I also find the extra chemicals can sometimes irritate my skin but I had no problems with this at all.

The Foundation:


Sadly although I tried out several of the shades, the one nearest to my skin-tone was still a little too pale for me but I went with it anyway for the sake of trying it out and doing the review.  The foundation was quite a thin watery consistency and a little went a long way!  It blended well with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush (from the Core Collection Set) and again there was very minimal to no scent.  The coverage I found to be quite sheer but reasonably buildable.  The only thing I would say is that without the primer, I did find that it seem to settle in to any pores and even with my brush which normally helps to give the most flawless finish, it still didn't seem to go on too smoothly and picked up on several of the dryer areas on my face.  However, with the primer as I mentioned before, it looked really great and very smooth.

I checked several times throughout the day and gradually by mid afternoon I did start to notice the foundation fading a little especially on the non primed side and by the evening there was only a minimal layer left, the side with primer however definitely seemed to last longer and by the time I got home, it was still looking pretty good and probably would have lasted longer still.

And finally The Lip Polish:

One word straight off, gorgeous!  The sheen of this gloss is just beautiful, with all the tiny little sparkles throughout the product.  I used it over my favourite Rimmel Color Rush Balm in Drive Me Nude, which it worked perfectly with and it really helped to give a very glossy finish, as you can see in the photo!

 I wouldn't say it's overly pigmented because this particular shade is more of a sheer tint rather than a full on colour but, going by the other shades available on the website, there are many other colours to choose from.  I also noticed it has a very lovely sweet candy type scent which was actually very pleasant and although a little tacky, it wasn't sticky at all.  I found I did have to re-apply several times throughout the day and the usual things like eating, drinking and kissing! certainly helped to wear it off even quicker but of course that's something you can expect from any lip gloss!
The prices of these products are slightly on the higher end of the scale and if you want something that's high quality and don't mind paying slightly more than drugstore prices, just save your pennies and have a look through the Arbonne website!  As I understand they also do many other products, including lots of other makeup items and a large skincare range too, mostly geared towards anti-aging and sensitive skin.

I couldn't comment on the actual packaging of course as I was only sent samples but going by the pictures on the website, the items all look very sleek, simple and stylish!

And now for the overall look:

With primer 

Without primer

For me personally, I am most definitely going to be saving up my pennies for the primer as I just loved it, I even used up the little bit of sample that I had left and used it along with my regular foundation when I did my makeup yesterday!  I would honestly say it's a product well worth having and I would happily use it every single time.

So over-all, I really enjoy trying out these products and my favorites have to be the primer and the polish.  Have you tried out any of the Arbonne products, if so what did you like best and what are your thoughts?  Let me know in the comments!

As an extra little incentive for my lovely readers, Yvonne has kindly told me that if you place your orders directly with her at this email address - and tell her you were sent by me, Dani Martin, and quote 'Arbonne Mini Make Up Review' she will give each of you a 20% discount on your order!  You're welcome :-)

Arbonne International UK

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