Monday 2 December 2013

Bah Humbug!

Hi all, as it is now the beginning of December (gosh how did it get to that already!)  I thought I would do a little mini Xmas post for you all.  Several of my friends told me they've all managed to get their Christmas shopping all done and they're already sorted for the day!  So there was me desperately searching online last night and thankfully got most of mine sorted too!  But it did get me thinking about all the little things that annoy me about December, Christmas and the way people act, rushing around frantically trying to get everything perfect for this one day!
I am very much a  none 'Christmasy' type of person, yes I go along with the general events, I put up decorations, I like the actual day to be nice and I love wrapping presents and of course seeing the (hopefully) happy expression on the recipients faces!

BUT, (ok and here's where I have a moan!)  I hate it when people think it's totally normal to put up full on Christmas decorations, especially those awfully disgusting bright gaudy ones all over the front of the house, the second it gets to the beginning of December or worse, even earlier.

I hate it, when I see Christmas countdowns all over Facebook right from the beginning of November, please, like I really want to know when it's 'only' 199 days to go!!!  I mean I'm the type of person who (literally) puts the tree on Christmas Eve, yep really!
I hate the fairy lights that you put on the tree, I always get in to a stupid tangled mess within 2 minutes of opening the box, the plug will never reach the socket so of course I always have to move the whole tree to reach it and why does there always have to be one annoying bulb, out of the whole length of lights that doesn't work!?!  And do not get me started on the drawing pins you have to use to put the ceiling decs up!!!

I hate trying to find just the right gift in town, when there are so many people all trying to do the same thing (and all last minute), and I get squished trying to walk through the aisles of a shop, like a poor defenseless sardine in a tin, thank goodness for Amazon :-)

And even worse, I hate seeing Christmas themed adds on the TV months before the temperature has even dropped.  And the second Christmas is over, before you've even finished off the turkey, it's adds for sales here there and everywhere!
Christmas seems to all be about the presents, the decorations and the sales afterwards, but it should be about spending time with your loved ones and making the most of spending quality time together.  In short, it's not all about what you get given, it's about being together!

All the moans aside, after spending hours messing around with the tree and the tinsel and annoying lights!  when you step back and look at the pretty view, it's usually all worth it and I do love seeing the pile of gifts under the tree, I think that's actually the bit that makes me feel most 'Christmasy'.
So whether you're an over-the-top manic Christmas monster and I know several of those) or a total humbug, here's hoping you all have a great December and a magical Christmas :-)

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