Wednesday 25 December 2013

Christmas Explosion

Hi everyone, so going back to a recent post of mine (Bah Humbug!), I told you how I was not the most 'Christmasy' person and despite all the nice bits about the day, I would normally in some ways, be glad when it's all over. . . However, this year for some quite unknown reason, I've been the total opposite!  For the past few weeks I've been feeling quite excited and couldn't wait to get the decorations up, presents bought and all wrapped up and generally feeling very strangely Christmasy, quite unlike me and I don't even know why!  Maybe it's because I've been watching various YouTubers doing their 'Vlogmas' videos for the past few weeks and it's just really got me in the festive mood, I don't know!

Anyway so on Friday of last week, while I had the house to myself, something fun happened and the only way I can really describe it is to say, that Christmas exploded in the house!  I spent the entire day putting up loads of decorations, Christmas cards from friends and decorating the tree.

getting all the decorations out the box, I love that part!

Then decorating the tree

    Our Poodle babies helped!

Some nice nibbly's I got out to have while I decorated the tree, although I spent so much time singing to the music I had on, I didn't eat one thing!

After all that, I then sat and wrap up all my friends presents :-)

I just love wrapping gifts!

Again, I had a little help, well more chaos and distraction but wonderful company of the fluffy variety! :-)

I finally finished off my very festive day by making several Christmas cards for some friends.

Now it's very early, on Christmas Morning and I am very much looking forward to another very festive day!  I hope where ever you all are, whatever you're doing or whoever you're with, you have a wonderful and enjoyable day.

Happy Christmas!

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