Monday 27 November 2017

My Experience of YouTube So Far

Hi everyone, I have had my youtube channel for almost a year now and during that time, I have had many different and new experiences.  Aside from having to learn video editing from scratch, work out camera angles and learn what some of the actual features are for on my camera!  There's also been a multitude of other strange and interesting things I've had to deal with. . .

1. Faulty sd cards.  Getting a big negative out of the way first, one of the most annoying and disappointing things that has happened to me so far is filming several videos and thinking yeay they're all done ready to edit, only to find (when I came to edit) that either they hadn't recorded or the footage made me look and sound like an alien from outer space trying to contact earth through video!!  (The one above had to be deleted and re-filmed in the end).

2. Only for a video.  I've heard many youtubers talk about only doing their makeup just to film a video or wearing a pretty top only to be wearing comfy pj bottoms underneath.  Well yep, that's now a thing that happens when I film!

3. Bad lighting.  This is a real pain, when I plan a day to film and then it ends up being a really dull rainy day or it gets late in the afternoon and the suns gone in and then it's too dark to film.  It's so annoying!

4. Can't use it till I've filmed it.  I recently did a large Primark haul and there were so many bits (like the makeup brushes) that I was really wanting to use but I wasn't able to film the video for a few weeks and so I had a massive pile of stuff sat in my room waiting to be shown in the video and of course I wanted to show things all nice and new and unused!  This was quite a funny new thing for me because usually when I do a haul post on here, I just photograph things when I buy them and then add the photo when I upload the post, so this held new challenges and a lot of patience!!

5. Inspiration is everywhere.  I remember when I first started blogging, for the first year or two I was finding inspiration and ideas all over the place and now I'm thankfully finding the same thing happening now.  The only trouble is, it also happens a lot when I'm out shopping or looking online, I'll spot something and think ooh that would be great to show and talk about in a video, it's making me spend money!!

6. Re-watching old favourites.  One of the reasons I wanted to do youtube was because I wanted to do a lot of the old style videos that I used to love watching on youtube, before everything got so commercial and nearly every other video was sponsored!  I used to love all the old tag videos that people used to do and I really wanted to try and bring those back and do my own versions.  So for inspiration, I've been re-watching my favourite youtubers old videos from years ago and it's been really fun.

7. Music or no music.  Sometimes when I watch youtube videos, I actually get put off continuing to watch because the background music is too load and sooo annoying and then there's other youtubers that don't have any music but as they're really interesting to watch, they don't seem to need it.  So when I came to start uploading my first few proper 'sit down' type videos, I really wasn't sure which to go with; should I add a little background music but would it be annoying and put people off.  Or should I leave it and hope for the best (because honestly I don't know if 10 minutes of me rambling on is overly interesting).  So far, I've gone with music, I managed to find a nice subtle tune that's quite pleasant so I'm just hoping that's ok.  What do you guys think?  Please let me know in the comments and give me your honest opinion, do you like my videos with music or would you prefer them without?

As time goes on and I work on many other videos, I'm sure there will be a million other new things I will encounter, so I may do an update of this post another time but I thought this would be a fun one to do this week.  I hope you like it and don't forget to check out my latest video 30 Random Facts About Me, up on my channel now (and let me know about the music!)

Thanks for reading and until next time Stay Happy
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