Thursday 3 December 2015

Christmas Gift Guide, 15 Easy Ideas for Everyone

Hi everyone, I always find getting presents for people really difficult and usually have to end up asking them what they would like, certain people I know are a real nightmare to buy for and nothing seems right.  But usually as December comes around, I start getting a few ideas and then I'm spoilt for choice!  Ahh the Xmas struggles.  So I thought I would put together a list of ideas to help all of you who struggle to find a nice gift.  I think these are really great general gifts that would be suitable for most people, as they can be tailored to male or female, and most age groups.  Best of all you shouldn't have to raid your piggy bank, as most of them are under £10 too :-)

1 Personalized Mug initials, names, photos etc.  2 Makeup/Pencil Case versatile and there's SO many lovely ones around for all budgets.  3 Phone Case if you know what phone your recipient has, this is great for any age and can work well for male or female.  4 Mini Speakers for the music lovers.  5 Chocolate Santa small but tasty!  6 Gloves again great for the men in your life too.  7 Notebooks everyone loves stationary, add some pretty Pens too for a perfect gift set.  8 Box of Chocolates.  9 Necklace not everyone likes to wear earrings and it's hard to find out ring sizes so necklaces are a great option.  10 Candle you can't go wrong with a delicious smelling candle, my favourite is this Snowflake Cookie Yankee Candle.  11 Homemade Gift why not spend your time instead of money and make them something to treasure or something tasty to eat!  12 Vouchers Boots, Topshop, WhSmith ideal for everyone and spend as much or as little as you like.  13 Socks these novelty ones are so cute in the festive boxes and make a lovely gift, I love the adorable range of festive ones they have at BHS :-).  14 Calendar so handy for anyone all year through.  15 Pajamas everyone loves cute PJ's and there are so many lovely ones available.

While searching the net for some of these items, I found some really great shops that have some really lovely items that would be perfect for gifts.  Look for clothing items, especially the pajama's from F&F at Tesco, George at Asda or BHS.  I love the stationary from Wilkinsons or The Works it's really pretty and stylish, and have a look at Getting Personal for a huge range of items that you can personalize until your heart's content!  And of course there's always good old Amazon for near enough everything else.

I hope you found this post helpful.  If you can think of any other great all-rounder gifts let us know in the comments :-)  Until Next Time Stay Happy

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