Monday 23 March 2015

#Dear Me - revised

Even If You Read This Before Please Re-Read:I just wanted to add a huge apology to this post, I realise after re-reading my original write up that it may have been taken a different way to how I intended it to be, I realise by some of the things I wrote that it may have sounded like I wasn't brought up well, given encouragement or helped to feel confident as a child but that was far from how it was.  And I just wanted to say that I am truly sorry for giving anyone the wrong impression and to anyone I have upset by what I wrote.

Hi everyone, I've heard about this new tag quite a lot recently on Youtube and other places, which apparently has been made up in honour of National Women's day which was celebrated last Sunday on the 8th of March, and I really like the message behind it.  Basically #Dear Me is about what advice you would give to your younger self.  So without further ado, here's mine 

I loved school, I was lucky enough to go to two different boarding schools, an all girls school and then later a mixed school for 3 years, and I loved both.  I had some amazing friends (some of which I'm still friends with now) but I was extremely shy growing up and I had no real self confidence, despite my parents very best efforts and encouragements.  They'd always try to get me involved in activities and groups, ballet and acting, but I was always just too shy to join in and I regret that now so much, having been given all the opportunities but never allowing myself to get involved!  At school I would get picked on at times, because I wasn't one of the 'popular' kids, I didn't listen to the 'right' music or wear the 'right' clothes.  I always wanted to 'fit' in and be like the popular girls, and I would sometimes try and copy the way they dressed or spoke because I thought it would make people want to be friends with me, but of course that didn't work either and I would get picked on for that too!

So the first thing I would tell my younger self, is just to ignore them all, not to feel pressured to try and be like everyone else, to embrace the things that made me different and unique instead of feeling embarrassed and to just be happy and content to be myself.  Instead of wasting my time and energy on being upset about it, I wish I had found the confidence to just be me and if they didn't like it, well that's just too bad!
I would also tell myself to get out there and try things, to get involved and be heard.  Because I was always so shy, I missed out on many things and opportunities and sadly I regret that so much now.

I would also tell myself to work harder, have a goal and work towards it.  I never really knew what I wanted to do after school and so I wish I'd have had more focus in that way, instead of messing around in the back of the class writing secret notes with my best friend!!

Aside from all that I did generally have fun and even though I had a few problems and a severe lack of confidence, I can still look back on many good and happy memories.  It has taken me most of my life to finally gain the confidence I have now and it's not been an easy road.  I still have moments when I feel like I'm back to being a shy quiet little school girl!  But at least now, I've learnt to take my own advice, to finally be myself and be happy about it.

I think nowadays, so many young girls and boys too, watch YouTubers and read blogs (hopefully like this one) and can get the type of advice and encouragement that I wish I'd have had when I was growing up and at school.  So if I can offer just one piece of advice and wisdom to you, it would be -

Feel confident, feel happy and just be yourself, no matter what!
I hope you like this post and in the comments please leave me some of your good advice or say what advice you wish you'd have been given when you were younger :-)

Until Next Time Stay Happy 

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