Friday 26 December 2014

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Day and Festive Greetings

HAPPY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE :-)  This post is going up a little late this week but it's Christmas and I wanted to spend my precious time with my loved ones instead of being on my pc for hours, but of course I know you would all understand!  So now, on to the post - last Saturday and Tuesday I spent time with some of my lovely friends and had a good last minute Christmas shop!  I also took my camera along with me and this is what happened :-)

First off, I was actually quite pleased with my attempt at a festive make up look on Saturday.  I used my Maybelline Tattoo eyeshadow in Eternal Gold as a base, then dabbed over the main lid with Half Baked, which is a beautiful golden shimmer and then added a little Smog on the outer corner.  I used a little black eyeshadow for my eyeliner and then just added my favourite Seventeen Doll'd Up mascara.  For my lips, I decided to have a change from my usual nude lip and used my Natural Collection lipstick in Cranberry, a lovely plum shade and I added Tanya Burr's Heart Skipped a Beat, a sheer shimmery red gloss, over the top.  What do you think?

Our little town was extremely busy with everyone having the same idea and all doing a crazy last minute shop!

I had quite a long list on my phone, which I gradually worked through, but didn't have chance to stop and take a great many photos, thankfully I pretty much managed to get most of the bits I was after and one of the first places I went to was Boots.  I'd decided to put together a little mini makeup kit for one of my friends and just needed to pick up a few essentials in here.  I even managed to resist temptation to buy anything for me!

Then I went off to Poundland and stocked up on a nice lot of nibbly bits to last me throughout the week, I do like a few nibbly bits over Christmas (as long as chocolate is involved) :-)

After that, I was well and truly ready for a rest and by 2.30 I went off to Costa to meet up with one of my best friends.

Their cake selection is way too tempting, just look at these!

My friend opted for a cute little muffin, I just love the adorable little gingerbread man on the top :-)

I spotted this tasty treat on one of the costa newsletters and was longing to try it out.  It's a white hot chocolate with cream and a cherry sauce!  Oh yes!! :-)

When I got home that evening I started to wrap up my first lot of Christmas gifts, ooh I love doing these.

On Tuesday, I went off in to town again with my besty, and we ended up having a really nice long day of window shopping and getting any very last minute bits we needed.  I mainly only spent my cash in Primarks and Tesco.  In Primarks I just picked up a spare hairbrush, a nice beaded belt and these cute little fairy lights to go up in my bedroom, they were only £1.50 too!

Then we went off to Tesco, we have a really nice large store in this area and it's full to the brim with everything you could possibly want or need for Xmas!  We had a good look around for quite a long while (at least 2 hours!)  And here's some of the things I saw. . .

Rows and rows of cards. . .

Lovely shiny tubes of wrapping paper. . .

Christmas crackers as far as the eye could see!

I also spotted these nice tins and boxes of biscuits and I picked this box for only £2.50 :-)

I just had to take a pic of this, so cute!  Although sorry to disappoint you but sadly they aren't solid chocolate, these giant sweets are full of little mini ones.

What a lovely huge tree :-)

On the way home it was lovely to see all the lights and decorations up in all the houses but some people take it a little too far!!  OTT me thinks!


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, spent time with your families and friends and got everything you wished for :-)  Until Next Time Stay Happy

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