Thursday 13 October 2016

Autumn Beauty Wish List 2016

Hi everyone, when I first thought about doing this post I literally only had a couple of items in mind and then I thought well I need more than just a few items but I just couldn't think of anything new that I liked.  Then I started looking around online and realised actually yes there's loads of amazing new products out at the moment and I could have easily added more to this list!  These ones that I've chosen, are more on the high-end side but with Christmas coming up, isn't it the perfect time to start thinking about what to ask Santa for anyway?! :-)

1. Urban Decay's XX Vice Ltd Reloaded palette £43, wow what a mouth-full that is but just look at those shades, there's literally every colour you could ever need in there and the packaging is completely gorgeous!  I am a big fan of UD's eyeshadows, the quality is always perfect - blendable, pigmented and long lasting so I'm guessing these will be equally as great.

Urban Decay's Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid £17.50, again UD why such long names? But honestly I've heard so many good things about these, they come in several different colours including green, lilac and lemon, but I really would like the pink shade, it's supposed to be perfect for eradicating the darkest of under eye bags (and I certainly need help with that!)

Kylie Jenner's Birthday Edition Mini Lip Kit (set #1), I was not fussed about these At All, I don't follow 'celebs' and I couldn't give a monkeys who she is (not sorry) but, I saw a youtuber do a review of these liquid lipsticks and I just thought the shades looked gorgeous!  So I got straight online to order them :-)  They were sold out on her webshop and most other places were quite pricey but I found these brand new on ebay for under £10, so I'm happy with that and very much looking forward to them arriving.

Kylie Jenner's Creme Eyeshadows, as with the lip kit, I thought these looked beautiful and if you're a regular reader of mine, you'll know how much I love a creme eyeshadow.  Again these were sold out on Kylie's shop but I found these new on ebay for a great price and if you follow me on Instagram, you'll see they arrived a few days ago.  And as soon as the lip kit arrives, expect to see a full review and swatch of everything :-)

Benefit's They're Real BIG Sexy Eye Kit £27.50, I was out with one of my friends a few weeks ago and we were having a good look at the Benefit beauty range at our local Debenhams.  I absolutely love the packaging of their products and I couldn't help but get drawn to these new tins, are SO nice.  The beautician showed us the eyeshadows and how the double-colour system works.  The shades are really pretty, very wearable and look very easy to apply with the little sponge too.

Tanya Burr's 2016 Beauty Calendar £25, I spotted this on Tanya's new blog post over the weekend and I couldn't get on Superdrug quick enough.  I loved having her calendar last year, the products are so lovely and it's so fun getting a new lipgloss or eyeshadow every couple of days leading up to Christmas.  So I already knew I wanted to get it again this year.  Of course Superdrug was already sold out but since Feelunique were full price and Superdrug had £10 off, I decided to be patient and wait for it to come back in stock.  And thankfully the next day, I had an email to say it was, so I ordered it straight away and it is now waiting for me to go and collect from my local store, I can't wait to get it home and start opening it - c'mon December hurry up!

Urban Decay's Moondust palette £35, I have seen this palette with my own eyes and oh my gosh, these eyeshadows are stunning!  They're so shimmery, so glittery and the pigmentation is amazing.  This is most definitely very high on my Xmas list!  Love the name too :-)

Soap & Glory's Kick Ass Concealer £10, ok this may not be new but it's definitely worth a mention, plus I really need to get a new one.  The translucent powder in this set is SO good, I literally use it every single time I do my makeup without fail!  But now I've 'hit-pan' and the concealers have started to dry up a bit so I must renew.  It's most definitely one of the best concealers I've ever used, if you don't believe me, have a look at the little review I did a couple of years ago, when it saved me from embarrassing myself on a first date!

Sleek Makeup Precious Metals Highlighting palette £9.99, again I've seen so many people rave about this.  If you're looking for a super shimmery, very glamorous highlight then this is the one to get, these shades are so gorgeous, perfect for the upcoming party season!

10. And finally,
Benefit's They Real BIG Sexy Lip Kit £25, again this was another of Benefit's new products I spotted while browsing the range.  These lipsticks are so pretty, the packaging, the shades, the tin I just love it and I want it, I need it in my life!!  Ok it's just a lipstick set but definitely something I would be very happy to receive this Christmas :-)

I hope you like this little post and it's given you a few ideas of what to add to your Xmas wish list this year.  And keep a look out over the next two weeks because I'm going to be uploading some very spooky Halloween themed posts for you :-)
Until Next Time Stay Happy

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